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Agriscape is organised by exhibition professionals active in the region since 2008. Among their achievements are the highly acclaimed Food Security Roundtables, which gather the decision makers of the sector in ABu Dhabi every year.

The Food Security Center Abu Dhabi (FSCAD) is the strategic partner of Agriscape:

FSCAD was established in 2010 to oversee matters related to food security, as well as to build up and manage food reserves of the strategic commodities for all of the U.A.E.’s citizens and residents.

The Center implements strategies and develops food security policies at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Moreover, it develops emergency food security plans and supervises their implementation. FSCAD has also established the strategic Food reserve and supervises its rotation and management in collaboration with food security partners and the private sector,

The Center coordinates with numerous local and federal entities to list the food security requirements on the infrastructure development plans. Moreover, the Center coordinates with investment funds and investors to achieve food security in the Emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Food Security Alliance is hosting Agriscape.

The Abu Dhabi Food Security Alliance aims at coordinating the efforts of the key partners across the public and private sectors, in order to support food security policies and strategies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and developing solutions and procedures that ensure the sustainability, stability and availability of secure food supplies under all circumstances. It also aims at catering for the agreements between local partners on one hand, and regional and international partners and countries on the other hand, with the aim of aligning interests and coordinating efforts in this critical area.

The Abu Dhabi Food Security Alliance plays an essential role in catalyzing strategic agreements among local partners, and among regional and international companies aiming at protecting national interests, encouraging integration, and creating partnerships and alliances to support food security policies and strategies in the Emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Food Security Alliance includes a number of governmental institutions and companies of the private sector that aim at reaching for sustainable food security through cooperation to enhance and strengthen partnership and achieving an optimal balance that ensures the availability and sustainability of food for all of the UAE’s citizens and residents.

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